Social Action

Tomorrow's Adults: Kids Make A Difference

As per the 4th pillar that holds Mars Academy upright,
engaging students in hands-on community service opportunities
is critical to their full education and development.
Mars Academy students, (in addition to class/school projects),
are provided a multitude of hands-on community service
opportunities via the weekend Kids Make A Difference programs.

The Mars Academy community is just that - a community. It is about respect, understanding, and appreciation for each other.

Mars Academy is an extension of family and is an extended family.

Mars Academy believes that every member of a community is valuable and can play an important role in the world around them.

Mars Academy strives to meet the ideals of the individual, while preparing students for success in the broader community.

The Mars Academy community/family believes deeply in our connection with the broader community and human family.

Mars Academy provides opportunities for students to take action on issues that concern them in the broader community - helping them feel good about themselves for doing so - helping them realize that they can, and do, make a difference in this world.

Consequently, Mars Academy is actively involved in community service programs:

  • hiking and maintaining trails
  • surveying and cleaning beaches
  • volunteering at animal refuges
  • helping the handicapped
  • visiting retirement homes
  • collecting backpacks, books, and other school supplies for students less fortunate
  • adopting less fortunate families at Thanksgiving
  • collecting toys for those less fortunate at holiday time
  • creating thank you cards for fire fighters and police officers
  • gleaning farms with the literal fruits (and vegetables) of our labor going to those in need
  • making lunches for, and delivering them to, the homeless
  • participating in community walk-a-thons and other such events

Mars Academy is committed to making the most positive impact possible in the broader community, (and consequently making a positively indelible impact on the Mars Academy students).

Mars Academy not only prepares students to succeed in society, but also prepares them to contribute to society.