“If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance!”

Indeed, education is expensive. Certainly it should not be, but in reality it is. Tuition should not be a hindrance to providing a child the education that is the best for him/her. Mars Academy understands, though, that one can not draw water from a rock. Thus, Mars Academy does plan to develop an aggressive scholarship program. In the early stages, however, just as some individual families may unfortunately be unable to afford, at this time, a private school education, Mars Academy unfortunately will be more limited with the tuition assistance it can provide. It is currently budgetarily estimated that it will take about five years to more fully develop the desired scholarship program. Some need-based tuition assistance will be made available, when possible. There may also be possibilities of acquiring tuition assistance from outside agencies.

It is important to note that, on average nationally, only 60-75% of private school education costs are covered by tuition. The remainder is typically made up with annual giving by alumni, parents, friends, and endowments.

The tax-paying parents of 6 million United States children currently send their children to private schools at their own expense. With average public school per pupil spending of approximately $6,500, it would cost United States tax payers an additional $40 billion per year for all those students to attend public schools.

While some private schools are for-profit enterprises, Mars Academy is an Internal Revenue Service designated non-profit organization. As a 501(c)(3) organization, designated and regulated by the Internal Revenue Service, all funds received by Mars Academy are automatically used to help build stronger educational and developmental programs.

Providing such an unusually individualized, quality education indeed costs.

Hiring well trained, quality teachers indeed costs.

Mars Academy will not skimp on what it provides our most precious commodity, our children!


Competitive with Other Private Schools in the Area

For your convenience, Tuition Payment Plan options are available.