Mars Academy teaches each student in the manner that best suits the individual. The end result, though, is that every student masters the traditional skills and knowledge of elementary school. At Mars Academy, there is a strong emphasis on:

- classic literature - recalling facts - summarizing stories
- short stories - making inferences - evaluating plot
- current events - comprehending ideas - analyzing concepts
- plays - ordering events - appreciating various genres

- creative stories - print - spelling
- poetry - cursive - vocabulary
- essays - keyboarding - grammar
- professional letters
- research papers

- comprehension - logic problems - solving problems
- computation - critical thinking - applications to real life situations

- Life Science / Biology - Astronomy - Mechanics / Physics
- Environmental Science - Chemistry - Technology

- California History - Politics - Current Events
- United States History - The Electoral Process - Cultural Appreciation
- World History

Additional studies may be led by specialists in:

In addition, there are guest presentations and field trips to enrich the curriculum.

Opportunities are further provided for students to research and explore independent interests.

Each term, each student, (from K-12), will be guided through the process of researching, writing, and presenting an independent Research Paper. The end result, and corresponding expectations, of course, will be appropriate for each student's individual level. The Research Paper for the Fall Term will be on any topic a student chooses, (as long as the topic is manageable and resources are reasonably available). The Research Paper for the Spring Term will be on any career a student chooses. A student who has attended Mars Academy from K-12 will have thus researched thirteen different careers, as well as learned about the careers about which other students have researched and presented.

Public speaking and formal presentations are an important part of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to express themselves in creative ways as well.

Students work one-on-one with teachers, in small groups, and as a whole class, to build, reinforce, and stretch their knowledge and skills.

Mars Academy puts a strong emphasis on helping students develop reasoning skills, critical thinking, problem solving, etc.

Throughout the Mars Academy curriculum, a key goal is for students to enjoy the process of learning as much as the end result.

Even the best of teachers in the best of settings, though, can not teach any child everything. Thus, a critical component of the Mars Academy education is helping students learn how to learn for themselves. Such independent learning skills will enable students' learning to grow exponentially.