Tests are given and corrected throughout the Mars Academy academic year. Report Cards are provided each term, with quantitative marks and detailed qualitative comments. The purpose of these grades is not to judge the students, but to provide the feedback as to what each student has been accomplishing. If a student does not show sufficient understanding on a particular test, a grade is not merely given with then moving on to a new lesson. Instead, assistance is given to help the student better learn that which they did not quite get before. Anything that has been deemed important for a student to learn should not be merely brushed over because it has been done. A major benefit of Mars Academy’s individualized program is that each student can learn in a way, and at a pace, that best suits the individual.


While Mars Academy does administer standardized tests, this is done in a low key manner to avoid undue stress and pressure. Results of such tests are downplayed and shared only privately. It is, however, helpful to view these results with parents, in individual conferences, to discuss any significances they may have.