The pillars that hold up Mars Academy are:

Morality A developed mind without a developed heart can indeed be dangerous. First and foremost, Mars Academy sees it as our mission to cultivate the caring hearts of our students. We help them grow to be the most morally conscious, responsible world citizens.    Mars Academy Pillars Logo
Academics Mars Academy is indeed a school, and we do take our job quite seriously in optimally educating each student. Each student learns differently, and, therefore, each student should be taught differently. We challenge each student at the level, and in the manner, that is best for that particular student.
Reasoning Modern education has come to be focused on what are referred to as "the three R's: Reading, wRiting, and 'Rithemetic." Mars Academy does not consider that to be sufficient. There is a fourth critical R that is missing - Reasoning. Students need to not just be taught "what to think," but they need to be taught "how to think." No school can teach any child everything, but we can indeed teach a great deal, and, if we include helping students develop their own thinking skills, then that will carry them that much further.
Social Action Mars Academy does not just see it as our job to educate our students, (although we do educate them unlike any other school), but we see it as our mission to empower our students with numerous hands-on opportunities to reach out and make a difference in the world around us. Mars Academy does not, and our students do not, exist in a vacuum; we are a part of the world, and we believe in taking action to do our part to make the most positive difference possible.